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Ruta 6 Can Treat Brain Tumors

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Dr. Constantine Hering: The father of Homeopathy in America

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If you have been suffering from depression, Homeopathy can help!

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What is the difference between Homeopathy and Naturopathy?

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Homeopathic History of Malaria-Facts from homeopathyplus.com

Samuel Hahnemann stopped practicing conventional medicine of his day because he felt that he was doing more harm than good. Instead, he made a living for his family of eleven children as a translator.

During the translation of a book by William Cullen, the leading physiologist of that time, Samuel Hahnemann noted that William Cullen asserted that Peruvian bark was an effective drug for malaria because of its bitter and astringent properties.

Samuel Hahnemann thought this a peculiar statement because he knew other bitter and astringent medicines that provided no benefit in the treatment of malaria. He then conducted an experiment upon himself, taking this herb twice a day until he developed symptoms of its toxicology, and here he discovered that it created a fever with chills as well as other symptoms that mimicked malaria.

Samuel Hahnemann proposed that Peruvian bark (which contains quinine) may be effective for treating people with malaria because it has the capacity to cause similar symptoms.

1824 – Josef Mueller influenced Joseph Attomyr to convert to homeopathy after he had witnessed cures achieved by homeopathy, ‘during the course of several months I saw cases of pneumonia, of Hungarian malarial fever, of bullular erysipelas with delirium, chancre, etc., cured with these powders, and scales fell from my eyes‘,

1833 – Robert Alexander Schumann was treated successfully for malaria by homeopath Frantz Hartmann,

1836 – Vicomte Auguste Arthur Beugnot‘s wife was treated by Samuel Hahnemann for the after effects of the calomel prescribed for her by allopathic doctors after a bout of malaria in Naples, which had badly upset her ‘nerves’.

1840 – homeopathic treatment of malaria epidemics in America win many converts, ?Frederick Hahnemann, Samuel Hahnemann‘s son reputedly treated many cases,

1846 – Wilmot Horton Dickinson treated malaria successfully with homeopathy in the Middle West of America, which he describes in his Homeopathic principles and practice of medicine printed in 1893,

1850 – Elizabeth Cady Stanton regularly and routinely successfully treated malaria with homeopathy in Seneca Falls,

1854 – Elijah Utley Jones treated malaria successfully with homeopathy in Massachusetts, and he contributed chapters on malaria to Hugo Emil Rudolph Arndt‘s A System of Medicine: Based Upon the Law of Homeopathy,

1861 – Mahendra Lal Sircar successfully treated an epidemic of malaria in Southern Bengal,

1861-2 – George Brinton McClellan was successfully treated for Typhoid Fever and malaria by homeopathy,

1870 – Horace Greeley recovered from malaria with homeopathy,

1881 – James A Garfield‘s wife was successfully treated for malaria with homeopathy,

1881 – W H Jenney submitted a cured case of Dropsy from Malaria to the Homeopathic physician, Volume 1,

1882 – Henry Edward Lane cured himself of malaria with homeopathy, after suffering from allopathic treatment for 17 years,

1895 – Frederick K Humphreys details the homeopathic treatment of malaria in his book Humphreys’ homeopathic mentor,

1900 – B F Gamber, Lecturer on Haematology at the Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College wrote Mosquitoes and Malaria, in the Cleveland Homeopathic Reporter, Volumes 1-2,

1901 – John William Hayward wrote Homeopathy and Malarial Diseases,

1902 – Henry Clay Allen wrote The Therapeutics of Fevers; Continued, Bilious, Intermittent, Malarial… ,

1905 – Elizabeth Wright Hubbard successfully recovered from tubercular cervical adenitis, malaria and measles in her childhood thanks to treatment by Byron G Clark,

1913 – Conrad Wesselhoeft Junior wrote Studies in Regard to the Action of Quinine on the Malarial Plasmodia,

1916 – Conrad Wesselhoeft Junior wrote On the History of Malaria and Its Treatment,

1916 – Joel Thompson Boone successfully recovered from malaria with homeopathy,

1918 – Edward Hesketh Gibbons Pearson successfully recovered from tuberculosis, septic sores, dysentery and malaria after treatment from homeopath Raphael Roche, who was recommended to him by George Bernard Shaw,

1925 – Gunther Enderlein was researching malaria and Bacteria Cyclogeny, and he developed a range of homeopathic and isopathic remedies still in use today, and his Sanum Kehlbeck Company is flourishing.

1928 – homeopathy used to successfully treat malaria in Panama,

1936 – Meher Baba founded the Meher Free Dispensary in Meherabad India, dispensing homeopathic medicines free to all who sought treatment. Thousands of patients were successfully treated for a variety of acute and chronic diseases including typhoid, malaria, dysentery, tuberculosis, asthma, arthritis, and numerous skin problems. The Meher Free Dispensary is still functioning today under the auspices of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust.

1945 – John MacKillop, Consulting Physician at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, before he became an acting Major and Adviser in Malaria to British Forces in North Africa in WWII, and an Anti Malarial School was set up in January 1943 at the HQ of No. 8 Field Hygeine Section offering intensive seven day courses for medical personnel. Such Medical Control Units set the pace of anti malarial work in the British Army. Every Combatant Unit was required to form an anti mosquito squad, assisted and directed by John MacKillop’s Malaria Advisory Board.

1950-60 – Albert Scweitzer, a close friend of homeopath Leon Vannier, ordered homeopathic nosodes to treat malaria and several tropical diseases in his hospital in Gabon, from the Lab. Homeopathique de France founded by late Leon Vannier,

1980s – Roberto de Andrade Costa from Brazil, Immunologist and Professor of Clinical Homeopathy, developed the Alive Nosode for the homeopathic treatment of malaria,

1982 – Milo della Rabia Lupus (legendary one handed pianist from Mariemma) successfully recovered from malaria after treatment by his homeopath Dr. Scweitzer Langerbeer,

1996 – Mother Teresa took homeopathic remedies throughout her life, including – she probably treated herself homeopathicaly – for malaria in 1996,

2007 – Journalist Nick Maes explains how conventional malaria tablets cost him his hearing,

2010 – The Use of Homeopathic Prophylaxis and Treatment For Malaria in Endemic Areas Of Kenya. April 16, 2010 by Didi Ananda Ruchira.

2012 – http://avilian.co.uk/2012/06/local-product-mozi-q-approved-as-bug-repellent-firms-owner-sees-growth-in-homeopathy/

2012 – http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-06-14/bhopal/32234661_1_malaria-medicines-sidhi-district BHOPAL INDIA: The AYUSH Department of Madhya Pradesh government is launching a widespread campaign from June 15 2012 with the objective of preventing recurrence of malaria outbreak like last year in Sidhi district. Under the campaign launched by the state government, homeopathic medicines will be administered door-to-door. The decision to distribute homeopathic was taken as it has provided effective in prevention of malaria.

Hospice care

Arsenicum & Tuberculinum can relieve immense anxiety, restlessness & fear of death and make patient’s final hours more comfortable. Some of the Top remedies indicated for the dying patient: Arsenicum album, Antimonium tartaricum, Tuberculinum, Opium, Rhus-tox, Veratrum album etc

End of Life Care

Hospice care and end-of-life decisions can be difficult for family members to make. While many physicians turn to traditional medicine as a way to alleviate pain and suffering, it is important to understand that you do have options in the palliative care given. Obtaining approval from the healthcare provider is necessary but, in most cases, homeopathic medicine is an excellent support service for the patient who needs palliative care that can accommodate and change as symptoms change. With homeopathic remedies known to provide a sense of mental relaxation, alleviating the perception of pain, the physical and mental distress associated with end-of-life are often reduced.


Body speaks to us through the language of signs & symptoms. Our inner intelligence moves disturbance centrifugally away from the vital organs and with any threat, the vital force attempts to banish the disorder from the interior to the exterior. So, the Hering’s law of cure during homeopathic treatment of a disease is based on the concept that symptoms disappear in an orderly manner. That is, symptoms improve from above downwards, from vital to less vital organs, from the most recent to the earliest symptoms and the symptoms disappear in the reverse order of their appearance ( 1800-1880). Body heals from inside out.